C. Ehrenfellner & Martin Grubinger

On July 21st 2022 Christoph Ehrenfellner and Martin Grubinger continue their story of success at Carinthian Summer Festival with the leading Austrian Youth Orchestra, Vienna Jeunesse Orchestra. The cooperation of Martin Grubinger and Christoph Ehrenfellner started with a rocking performance of Kalevi Aho’s extremely difficult percussion concerto ‘Sieidi’ at the Ossiacher Halle in July 2020. It opened the prestigious festival after the soaring 1st pandemic lockdown with a real explosion of power, sound and joy. It was only obvious to choose a program for 2022 which takes up from there.

‚Le Sacre‘ and Tan Dun concerto

‘Rhythm is it!’ – such is the summing title chosen by Sir Simon Rattle for his famous Le Sacre production with the Berlin Phil. Rarely a composition has stricken the musical world so hard with an undeniable power, which is embedded into the richest variety of pulsation ever seen in a human score so far. Both, nature and human nature are exposed in a way that Strawinski seems to offer the codes for the essence of living. For the show on July 21st 2022 Christoph and Martin chose Strawinski’s Le Sacre together with Tan Dun’s percussion concerto ‘The Tears of Nature’ to renew the famous statement given by Simon Rattle hence.

WJO, Xenakis and Ehrenfellner

Another detail ensures the extraordinary happening on July 21st 2022 at Carinthian Summer Festival: The start will be another century-shocker, ‘Metastaseis’ by Iannis Xenakis. This masterpiece fathoms like no other composition the powerful impact of structure and noises on the soul-level of a magnetized listener. What a contrast and what a treat to bring these 3 compositions in one concert. The Vienna Jeunesse Orchestra appears in it’s 4th project with Christoph Ehrenfellner, who by then established himself as a leading conductor for 20th century repertoire.

Ehrenfellner-Grubinger – Wiener Jeunesse Orchester