…a birthday-present!

The support program of Wiener Konzerthaus for Young Austrian Musicians ‚Musica Juventutis‘ goes into it’s 40th season! Ehrenfellner has been part of this wonderful initiative both as a violinist and as a string-quartet-leader in students days. The return comes now in form of a specially dedicated Chamber Symphony for the selected Chamber Ensemble of ex-Juventutis Protegés under the baton of Emmanuel Tjeknavorian. 20th October 2023 @Wiener Konzerthaus – MozartSaal will be the setting of its premiere, programmed alongside Gustav Mahler’s ‚Lied von der Erde‘ in the reduction of Arnold Schönberg. Both, honoured but also very apt it feels for Christoph Ehrenfellner, to stand with the Viennese masters of modernity, as he sees himself  as a rather ‚Classic‘ writer in the Cosmos of Modernity, with special connection to the great Viennese tradition from Beethoven to Mahler.

Kammersymphonie op. 57

At the setting of this premiere Ehrenfellner’s op.57 will  counterpoint Mahler’s famous ‚Lied von der Erde‘ in the reduction made by Arnold Schönberg. The new Chamber Symphony will in a sense refer evidently to Schönbergs Kammersymphonie op.9, but will also search inspiration from Bergs Lyric Suite and Bartoks Divertimento, all 3 of them key-works for Chamber Orchestra. In very condensed 25min it wants to give quite a few possible Viennese answers to the expectations alongside the classical form today. Form dös matter – a Credo of Christoph Ehrenfellner – especially in the traditional setting of classical concerts. Efficiency is another main driver for Christoph Ehrenfellner in choosing his tools and materials for creation. The Ensemble will Container some of the most brilliant Austrian musicians of certainly 2 generations, led by Bettina Gradinger, the awarded concertmaster of Volksoper Wien. Thus the new composition will Almost certainly give a rich playground for Virtuoso playing and profound music making.  

Ehrenfellner and Tjeknavorian

Kammersymphonie op.57 – this new work adds another chapter to the friendship between the 2 artists. Ehrenfellner having conducted the very first public Viennese orchestra-performance of world-class violinist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian some 15 years ago at this very place: Mozart Saal at Wiener Konzerthaus – and now Tjeknavorian conducting Ehrenfellner’s music at the same spot. In between those years have happened quite a few musical moments between them, most prominently the SONY-recording of ‚Suite des Alpes‘ op.36 winning the ECHO Classic Prize Germany and enthusiastic reviews from the NY Times up to Spiegel Online. The Hug of a true friend is source of deep inspiration, and Christoph Ehrenfellner in these very days is using this Channel of heart between him and Emmanuel Tjeknavorian to breed his ideas of sound and musical narration. Be with us on 20oct 2023 at Wiener Konzerthaus!