Kain&Abel op.49…

November 26, 2021 at Theater Nordhausen/Germany the world-premiere of Christoph Ehrenfellner’s 3rd opera ‚Kain&Abel‘ op.49 is going to take place.

It is a great pleasure to announce the brilliant cast, above all the great Finnish Mezzosoprano Anna Danik in the opera’s main character ‚Eva‘. The Theatre’s exceptional talents Philipp Franke (Kain) and Amelie Petrich (Abel’s voice) are singing alongside to the Finnish Diva! Another special constellation we find in the staging: the libretto’s co-author Daniel Klajner will be responsible for stage-direction, thus guaranteeing a ‘condensate of will’ in the narration on stage.


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„simply sensational emerged Ehrenfellner’s tragicomical Opera ‚Mae Mona’…the music is clever, full of atmosphere and effect, long dramaturgic bows work just as well as haunting Ensemble-scenes!“

Rainer Elstner

Wiener Zeitung 29.5.2009

residency @ Theater Nordhausen

Ehrenfellner had a 5-years residency at Theater Nordhausen and its great Orchestra ‘Loh Orchester Sondershausen’, culminating in the opera-premiere ‚Kain&Abel‘. Since 2016 he has been working with both, stage and orchestra, on a variety of projects – conducting, performing, composing, teaching…and enriching himself with the most wonderful encounters from Germany’s central region Thueringen.
The Orchestra is one of the oldest in Germany, celebrating their 400 birthday in 2019, being praised personally by Franz Liszt as one of Germany’s best ensembles! On this occasion Ehrenfellner composed an Hommage-Fantasy on Liszt’s favourite Schubert-piece ‘Wanderer-Fantasie’ – again for piano and Orchestra: ‘Der Wanderer’ op.40.
Ehrenfellner’s Symphony Nr.1 op.34, his Ballet ‘Ibykus’ op.37, his Chambermusic-Theatre on Kafka’s ‘Verwandlung’ op.32 as well as a variety of arrangements for violin+orchestra have been resulting from 5 lovely years of cooperation.

„Ehrenfellner is endued with a theatrical paw…!“

Wilhelm Sinkovicz

in Die Presse, 2009

writing opera…

Ehrenfellner’s 1st Opera ‚Mae Mona‘ op.7 has been unanimously called an opera-sensation in 2009 by the Viennese feulleton. However, it should have taken another 8 years for a follow up-commission: in 2017 the Austrian SummerFestival Retz launched Ehrenfellner’s church-opera Judas’ op.31 – with similar results: enthusiastic audience, sensational reviews! ‚A triumph for contemporary opera‘ and a ‚gripping paw on dramatic writing‘ was praised alongside to a ‘crawling under the skin – quality’ of his music. (‘Kurier’, July 2017). Now – almost simultaneously to the Nordhausen ‘Kain&Abel’ – Ehrenfellner’s 4th opera is in the pipe: onto a fantastic libretto by Germany’s leading Dramatist Roland Schimmelpfennig the music to ‘Karl& Anna’ op.48 has been composed in 2019/20. The commission comes from Mainfranken Theater Wuerzburg and we shall have a premiere in 2021/22.

Fotos: Julia Lormis