meeting Vienna Chamber Orchestra…

The very popular Friday-night series ‚Prime-Time‘ @Wiener Konzerthaus was originally introduced by Wiener Kammerorchester and their inventive Chief-conductor Joji Hattori several years ago. Prime-Time is a perfect setting to present young artists and new or rarely played pieces to an interested audience. Due to unexpected illness of Maestro Hattori in Nov.2023 Christoph Ehrenfellner jumped in last minute to conduct the Austrian premiere of his concert-fantasy for piano&orchestra, ‚Der Wanderer‘ op.40. He utterly enjoyed leading the show, moderating his composition, presenting the Viennese high-class pianist  Dorothy Khadem-Missagh, and above all: working with so many of his friends from student-days in Vienna 20 years ago. It’s a rare pleasure to work with friends – here it was granted.

Dorothy Khadem-Missagh – Foto: Shirley Suarez

Austrian premiere of ‚Der Wanderer‘ op.40

Nov. 2021 @Wiener Konzerthaus, Schubert-Saal Ehrenfellner’s Piano+Orchestra-Fantasy ‚Wanderer‘ op.40 had its successful Austrian premiere under the baton of the composer. The Schubert-Hommage was originale premiered by Enrico Pace at the Liszt Biennale Sondershausen in 2019 in a commission of Theater Nordhausen and Loh Orchester Sondershausen. This new Version for Chamber Orchestra went alongside the beatiful string-serenade of Victor Herbert and Joaquin Turina’s Spanish piano-fantasy piece. Ehrenfellner’s ‚Wanderer‘ op.40 stood in very attractive dramatic contrast to the lighthearted pieces of V.Herbert and J.Turina. Viennese pianist Dorothy Khadem-Missagh played both piano-parts with stunning excellence.

Chamber Orchestra&Ehrenfellner – a love-story from the start!

Many encounters and cooperations with leading Chamber Orchestras around the world have proven Ehrenfellner’s special hands for the genre. Academy St.Martin i.t.Fields, Cremerata Baltica, Camerata Salzburg, Wiener Kammerorchester, Krasnojarsk Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Allegro Vivo, to name a few, have shared great moments of music with the Austrian violinist-composer-conductor. The background of a profund Chamber Musician plus the creative personalste of a full-blond musician are the tools that make Ehrenfellner’s work with Chamber Orchestra so special. The many compositions for violin+Chamber Orchestra are a lucky result from this love-story!